Photography has been my passion ever since I was 13 and someone showed me how to make a pinhole camera out of a Quaker Oats container and aluminum foil. After graduating from the Art Center in Pasadena, I moved to the Bay Area in 1987 to begin a career in commercial photography. Since that time I have worked for a variety of companies from financial to high tech to retail, and the passion I felt as a young man is now focused on providing photographic solutions for my clients. I have photographed several books on subjects ranging from cocktails to bulldozers (please do not drink and operate heavy machinery!) So call or email, and let’s get to work on creating photographs that will enhance your image and your business.

Client List: Agilent, Air & Space, Basic Chemical Solutions, Calix, Chronicle Books, Clay Lacy Aviation, HCM financial, Karen Neuburger Ltd, Katz & Co, Calpine, GQ, Motorbooks International, Palm Press, RS Investments, Transamerica, Utility Trailers.